We now offer Telemedicine/Virtual visits given COVID-19 Pandemic


TeleMedicine/Online medical office visits and consults now offered.

In order to prevent spreading of COVID-19 we now offer online consultations and office visits, especially for patients with upper respiratory symptoms such as cough, fever, and shortness of breath. If the doctor decides an in person visit is needed then the patient will be asked to come in.

We also offer COVID-19 coronavirus testing to patients who meet the criteria set by the Florida Department of Health.

Le Cachet spa

Dr. Shaker Hamadiya

Miami Wellness & Aesthetics Having trained at the top-5, Baylor College of Medicine, and worked under some of the world’s most formidable aesthetic enhancement specialists, and surgeons, Dr. Hamadiya has grown to be one of the Miami’s most in-demand cosmetic practitioners. Well known for his expertise in cosmetic injections, Dr. Hamadiya is dedicated to providing his patients with the very best in aesthetic enhancement procedures around today.

He uses his unique vision for the aesthetic, and attempts to not only provide patients with their desired enhancement, but ensures the individual can maintain the most natural appearance, while helping to alleviate a number of visual signs of aging.




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