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Everything You Need to Know About Anti-Aging Treatment with Dysport

When it comes to the world of aesthetic enhancement treatments, there are tons of different options out there no matter who you are, what look you are going for and what you want to accomplish. And as such, the aesthetics industry has seen an incredible rise in popularity as they have been able to open their doors to quite a few more people than just their normal everyday clientele. However, some issues are just universal and a thing that most people will have to deal with in some capacity, no matter who they are and how amazing their routine might be. One of those issues has got to be aging. The fact is that father time is undefeated and the clock never stops ticking, and from issues like pollution and sunlight, and other lifestyle habits – even like smiling and laughing can lead individuals down a path full of wrinkles and unwanted skin concerns. One of the most popular means of dealing with expression related wrinkles has got to be Botox, and while Botox is certainly the single most popular treatment of all time in the world of aesthetic enhancement, it truly isn’t the only game in town. A popular new option that’s quite similar to Botox is Dysport Brickell experts will recommend this for those that may have overdone the Botox in the past or may be looking to mix it up a bit. Another neuromodulator that’s quite similar to Botox, and works almost exactly the same as Botox, but for many individuals who may have gone a bit too hard with the Botox and may no longer be getting the results they want, Dysport is a perfect option for them. Despite being fairly effective and highly similar to Botox, Dysport goes relatively unnoticed. When it comes to Dysport Miami Beach experts at Miami Wellness, often must advise clients on its use and much more. In this article, we will explore the ins and outs of anti-aging treatment with Dysport and how it can help individuals in need.

What is Dysport?

It’s important to understand that Botox and Dysport are highly similar as both products use the same active ingredient and offer patients a similar method of action with being able to heal and treat the skin of expression lines and unwanted wrinkles. Dysport works by reducing the activity of the treated muscles, preventing the overlying skin from folding on itself and creating wrinkles. While they say when it comes to Dysport Brickell experts advise that it’s best used for moderate to severe wrinkles between the eyebrows (medically referred to as Glabellar lines), the brand’s site says it can be used to treat the forehead and neck as a whole. Interestingly enough, just as with Botox, when it comes to the use of Dysport Miami Beach experts at Miami Wellness have been able to use to treat a number of other conditions as well, including a number of different off label uses. For instance, Dysport can be used as a medical treatment for cervical dystonia—an involuntary muscle contraction that leads to a twisting of the neck and lower limb spasticity in children and adults.

The Benefits of Dysport

The fact is that we must remember that Dysport and other neuromodulators like Xeomin can be used as an alternative to Botox, and while they work quite similar in their action and in their active ingredients, they can sometimes work a bit differently than that of Botox. Its important to understand that when it comes to Dysport Brickell patients can get a number of the same benefits from its use as they would with Botox as well, some of these include things like the fact that Dysport can help:

· Helps to smooth out fine lines and wrinkles

· Drastically reduces the appearance of Glabellar lines (sometimes referred to as “11” lines)

· Prevents formation of new wrinkles by temporarily freezing muscles

· Leads to immediate, natural-looking results

· Can be used to treat excess sweating

· Results last up to five months

Its important to understand that when it comes to using Dysport Miami Beach patients in some cases have even been able to get better results than they otherwise would with Botox. This is because we are all different and have different body chemistries and biology – sometimes, an individual just may react differently to Dysport rather than Botox. Its important to have use monitored by a doctor or professional, regardless of experience. For more information on Dysport and other injectables, be sure to contact Dr. Hamdiya today.




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