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3 Medical Spa Treatments to Look and Feel Your Best This Winter

Summer is over, and we are in the midst of what many consider to be their absolute favorite time or year, the fall. I mean what’s not to love? The holidays are right around the corner, the weather is getting cooler, and with winter nipping at its heals, even in Miami men and women can break out sweaters, and their favorite light jackets. For many men and women, the fall and winter are the best time for them to truly showcase their fashion sense, as the summer in Miami is basically a time wear it best to wear as little clothing as possible! And while it might not get as chilly as places like New York, Boston, or Chicago, the fact is that there is still a fair amount of temperature change – and with global warming, and the crazy weather patterns we’ve seen over the past few years, who really knows what kind weather to expect. And with the weather change in the air, and the holidays around the corner, and the lockdowns for Covid finally coming to an end, its that time when we will be seeing more people, and coming into contact with more friends, family, and coworkers than any other time of year. This is why its vital to not only look your best, and make the best impression when it comes to fashion choices and your overall appearance, but its vital that you get your overall health and wellness on track and make sure that your immune system is at its peak to handle all the contact you will have with people during the holiday season. While there are tons of different treatment options out there for patients, in this article, according to the team at Miami Wellness, the best medusa Miami has to offer, we will be going over a few of the best medical spa treatments you probably didn’t know about but should try this fall season.

Microneedling Facial Rejuvenation

We decided to start with one of the most well known treatments of the three, this is microneedling facial rejuvenation. Now microneedling according to the team at Miami Wellness, the best medical spa Brickell has to offer, is a treatment that is highly versatile and can help both men and women to combat a wide variety of unwanted facial skincare issues, from things like unwanted wrinkles, fine lines, facial discolorations, under-eye hollows, acne scars, active facial blemishes and much more. The procedure begins by creating a series of micro-punctures along the face, at the treatment area, where the patient is in need of the facial rejuvenation, this is either done with a derma-roller or a derma pen. These devices create a series of controlled cuts into the face, and then using the body’s own natural healing mechanism the skin will begin to heal itself over time – sending a lot of collagen and other healthy compounds to the area, and helping to repair the skin and connective tissue. The skin will heal better than it was before and it will heal the scarring or other unwanted issues that were there in the first place.

Non-Surgical Nose Job or Liquid Rhinoplasty

The fact is that around Miami, everyone has heard of or probably has a close friend who has gotten a nose job at some point – but not everybody is ready for full-fledged plastic surgery, nor do most people even need it. however, if you’d like to improve the overall contours and aesthetics of your nose, without surgery than the non-surgical nose job or liquid rhinoplasty might be the procedure for you. Using a dermal filler like juvederm, generally something that’s hyaluronic acid based, you simply inject specific areas in the nose in need of enhancement, and are able to raise and lower certain areas of the nose, and alter the size, shape and width of the nasal passages. Its important to know that this is minimally invasive, and the effects are fairly temporary and therefore if you aren’t totally happy, according to the team at Miami Wellness, the best medical spa Brickell has in practice, you can have it done over again within a few months or even sooner.

IV Therapy

Whether you call it IV therapy, IV hydration therapy or IV vitamin therapy, IV therapy is by far one of the most helpful and one of the latest and greatest trends to hit the health and wellness scene in Miami of late. According to the team at Miami Wellness, the best medspa Miami has in practice, the fact is that Miami residents tend to have a lot of late nights – in which they drink quite a bit, and waking up with a hangover, a lot of them discover IV therapy by getting a hangover drip full of electrolytes and necessary hydration that will generally alleviate all their hangover symptoms within 20-30 minutes. The fact is that with IV therapy there is a whole lot more you can do, and a number of amazing vitamins and minerals that you can be getting to help improve your immune system, your overall health, your skin, your appearance and a whole lot more.

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