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Comparing Miami’s Two Favorite Dermal Fillers, Juvéderm Versus Restylane

In the world of aesthetic enhancement, over the past decade, across many states in the United States, we have seen one of the most exponential rises in popularity throughout recent history. Much of this is due to the amazing innovations that have been made in aesthetic medicine, ensuring more and more men and women are able to achieve their desired appearance, with far fewer risks and side effects than in previous iterations of the same procedures. Plus, due to such advancements, patients are able to undergo far less invasive procedures, in order to achieve the same results, that in previous years may have required surgery. One of the best examples of this is with dermal fillers and injectables. Using dermal fillers and injectables like Botox or Dysport, patients are able to turn back the clock on their skin years, without needing to worry about unwanted side effects and other issues. The fact is that these products like Juvéderm and Restylane are extra versatile, and can be used as lip fillers and other treatment methods as well. According to the team at Miami Wellness, the best medical spa Miami has to offer, these two fillers are far and away the favorites among patients in need of skin rejuvenation treatment and allow them to fight issues such as wrinkles, fine lines, unwanted discoloration spots, and a whole lot more. Despite these two being quite similar dermal fillers, there is somewhat of a competition as they are two of the best and most highly effective dermal fillers on the market. In this article, we will be putting the two head-to-head, to see which is the best option for you and your skincare issues.

Juvéderm and Restylane are two of the most effective and highly in-demand dermal fillers available on the market for the treatment of wrinkles and much more. according to the team at Miami Wellness, the best medical spa Brickell has to offer, what truly sets them apart is that they both contain hyaluronic acid, as their main active ingredient, a substance that has plumping effects for the skin and it natively produced by the human body. However, while the two fillers share similarities, they also have their differences. Like other dermal fillers and injectables, the best aspect of using these two products is that they are noninvasive and therefore don’t require surgery, as thus risks and side effects are highly mitigated. And the fact that HA is the main ingredient, the filling substance is far more easily accepted into the body, and results appear far more natural – this is why they are commonly used as lip fillers.


Juvéderm is designed to treat wrinkles in adults. Each solution has a gel material made with hyaluronic acid. According to the team at Miami Wellness, the best medical spa Miami has to offer, there are different types of Juvéderm injections intended for different areas of the face. Some are designed for the mouth area only (including the lips), while others add volume to cheeks. Certain injections are also used for the fine lines that can develop around your nose and mouth.Juvéderm injections have all evolved into XC formulas. As the best medical spa Brickell has to offer, Miami wellness will use these products for those patients who might have extra skin sensitivity or in an area where the skin is naturally more sensitive, as these are made with lidocaine, which helps decrease pain during the injections without the need for a separate topical anesthetic.Each Juvéderm injection takes minutes. However, you’ll likely need multiple injections for each treatment area. Depending on the size of the treatment area, this is sometimes known to be somewhat smoother and therefore slightly faster than Restylane, but both are comparable in timing. A point where the makers of Juvéderm believe it stands apart is when it comes to how long it takes to see results, the makers of Juvéderm believe patients will begin to see results changing almost instantly.


Restylane also has hyaluronic acid. Some versions of the product line, such as Restylane Lyft, include lidocaine as well. This type of dermal filler is sometimes used around the eyes, as well as on the back of the hands. It’s also used to smooth lines around the mouth, enhance the lips, and add lift and volume to the cheeks. Injection procedures with Restylane can sometimes take slightly longer than Juvéderm, and may be around 30 to 60 minutes – still fairly quick. While you might see some results right away, you may not see the full effects for up to a few days after the procedure.

A major difference is that most patients believe Juvéderm not only provides results sooner, but it can last slightly longer, about 3 to 6 months, most of the time. When it comes to lip fillers, they are fairly identical as well, and some say that while Juvéderm plumps slightly better, Restylane provides a more definitive lip line. Its important to understand that these dermal fillers are highly similar in almost every aspect, and the differences are highly subjective. The fact is that everyone is different, and its best to try each one and see which you prefer the best. For more information on such procedures, be sure to contact Miami Wellness today.




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