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What Kind of Results Can You Expect from a Non-Surgical Nose Job?

In the world of aesthetic enhancement surgery, we have seen one of the most incredible rises in popularity of all time over the past decade plus. The fact of the matter is that many individuals in years past, either couldn’t afford surgery, or they simply were too worried about side effects, and risks – as the technology was nowhere near where it is today. And the fact is that those amazing innovations and improvements in technology are the reasons why more and more men and women are looking to get a rhinoplasty done, more so than ever before – simply put, the results are better and its much safer. And the fact is that the same thing goes for non-invasive treatments, and its interesting to understand that despite surgery becoming more popular and more open to the masses, that those same innovations in technology, have in some ways, done the opposite of what they have for surgical procedures. In essence, for a procedure like the non-surgical nose job or non-surgical rhinoplasty. According to the team at Miami Wellness, the best medical spa 33129 has to offerbecause of innovations in technology and because of improvements to the overall technique, the procedures offer them results similar to that of surgery, without having to go under the knife. However, despite these amazing improvements, many individuals even those having the procedure, aren’t as aware of all the benefits that are possible as a result of such a non-invasive procedure. In this article, we will go over the benefits, results, and what exactly patients can expect following their non-surgical nose job procedure.

Many individuals have heard of the non-surgical rhinoplasty, and may have heard of it being referred to as the non-surgical nose job or the liquid nose job. According to the team at Miami Wellness, the best medical spa 3329 has around, the nonsurgical rhinoplasty is actually a dermal filler procedure that changes the shape of your nose for up to 6 months.This procedure is ideal for people who are looking to smooth out bumps in their nose or make it look less angular but who aren’t ready for a permanent solution, or are worried about the risks and recovery time involved in a traditional rhinoplasty.Nonsurgical rhinoplasty uses dermal filler ingredients to change the shape of your nose.A gel-like injectable ingredient (usually hyaluronic acid) is inserted underneath your skin in the areas where you wish to create smoother lines or volume. Sometimes Botox is also used, as an alternative to dermal fillers in certain procedures for certain patients. The filler ingredient settles into where it’s injected in your deeper skin layers and holds its shape. This can change the look of your nose for anywhere from 4 months to 3 years, depending on your skin, your desired results, and the ingredient used.

The non-surgical nose job procedure is fairly simple, and it can be done quite quickly, especially when compared to a conventional rhinoplasty. After the anesthetic takes effect, your doctor will inject the filler into the area around your nose and maybe the bridge of your nose itself. You might feel a slight pinching or pressure while this is done.The whole process can take from 15 minutes or less to 45 minutes. According to the team at Miami Wellness, the best medical spa 33129 has to offer, after liquid rhinoplasty, you may see pain, swelling, and redness where your injection was inserted. Within an hour or two, the injection should start to settle. The redness should start to subside, and you’ll be able to better see your desired results.Results should be fully visible within a week or two. Redness or bruising should completely subside by then.As far as downtime, people who swear by liquid rhinoplasty love that there’s practically no recovery time. You can be back to work and your normal activities the very same day.Most filler ingredients will dissolve into your skin layer within 6 months. Some filler ingredients will last up to 3 years. No matter what, results of a liquid nose job aren’t permanent. For more information on this procedures and other non-surgical options, be sure to contact Dr. Hamadiya today.




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