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Using Fillers on the Nose

When it comes to the world of aesthetic enhancement procedures, one of the most heavily in demand areas in which individuals are looking into these days has got to be dermal fillers. When it comes to injectable treatments in general, the vast majority of individuals may think of things like Botox, or other injectable neuromodulators like Dysport and Xeomin, the close cousins of Botox. However, what many individuals who may not be frequent visitors to the medical spa, might not be too privy to is that hyaluronic acid based dermal fillers like Juvéderm and Restylane, are being used more and more than ever before. And not only are they being used in conventional areas like the cheeks, chin and forehead, or the lips, but many individuals are using them for the nose and other parts of the face and even the body. When it comes to nose fillers Miami Beach experts have recently seen a huge increase in the individuals looking for a noninvasive alternative to getting a rhinoplasty done. The fact is that when it comes to the use of nose fillers Brickell patients may often feel their noses are too big, too small, crooked, or bumpy. And unlike when an individual has a full-fledged rhinoplasty done, a misshapen nose can be treated simply and quickly without surgery and little downtime, with just a little bit of filler. In this article, we will be exploring the differences in the use of dermal fillers instead a conventional rhinoplasty.

What are Nose Fillers?

When it comes to the use of dermal fillers, or nose fillers Brickell individuals have come to favor the use of hyaluronic acid based dermal fillers like Juvéderm and Restylane, as they are not only highly effective, but they are also quite versatile as well – this is one of the main reasons that they are not only just as valuable on the lips and act as a lip filler, but also as a nose filler Miami Beach experts at Miami Wellness mention. Nose fillers are a nonsurgical solution to help make the nose look smaller, narrower or to correct a bump on the nose. By using hyaluronic acid injections at strategic points, we can narrow the bridge of the nose, decrease the nostril size and streamline the overall shape of the nose for a flattering appearance, without any surgery or downtime needed.

Shrink the Size of Your Nose Using Fillers

One of the biggest issue’s individuals have when it comes to the overall look and appearance of their nose has got to be the overall size and width. The fact is that many individuals who undergo a surgical rhinoplasty are looking to make their noses smaller and make them appear to be thinner, slimmer and more petite. When it comes to the use of nose fillers Miami Beach experts at Miami Wellness mention that it’s important to understood that faces are perceived by how light reflects off the surface of the skin. When performed by a highly-skilled practitioner, filler can be gently placed on the bridge of your nose, tracing the areas where light reflects off it the most. This can nicely narrow the bridge, creating a smaller appearance.

Correcting Asymmetry Using Nose Fillers

Another one of the major issues that many individuals have, that send them on a path to a surgical rhinoplasty has got to be the fact that they feel their nose is not only too big and, in some ways, misshapen, but also asymmetrical. This lack of symmetry is an issue, as symmetry is often considered to be a defining characteristic of beauty. We can rebalance the shape of the nose and correct asymmetry by placing dermal filler at strategic points across a misshapen nose. The lower part of the nose can often appear as asymmetrical because of bumps, dents or dips. But these can be recontoured and reshaped with filler when performed by an experienced clinician. Additionally, nostril size can be reduced by injecting dermal filler in the corners of the nose. For more information on nose fillers, be sure to contact Miami Wellness, and Dr. Hamadiya today.




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