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Most Common Questions about the Non-surgical Nose Job

With so many different aesthetic enhancement procedures out there, and a lot of them making all types of different claims as to how they might be able to help you to achieve the face and appearance you desire. However, it can be difficult to know which if these actually work and which of these procedures don’t work at all, as many of these individuals pushing these products and services may not even know how effective they are at all. One such procedure however, that has proven to quite effective is the Non-surgical nose job, which rather than having surgery, a patient can simply have dermal fillers injected into the nose. When it comes to the use of nose fillers Miami Beach experts at Miami Wellness, can help patients to achieve the desired look and appearance of their nose without the need for a risky and highly invasive surgical procedure. When it comes to the rhinoplasty with nose fillers Miami Beach experts like Dr. Hamadiya advise patients however, they need to familiar themselves as best as possible with the procedure before deciding if its right for them. To better help patients understand the procedure, here are a few of the most common questions asked of aesthetic enhancement experts.

· Am I a Good Candidate for the Non-surgical Nose Job?
The fact is that a Non-surgical nose job may be right for you if you would like the results of rhinoplasty without the downtime of traditional surgery. Non-surgical rhinoplasty can also be used to see what rhinoplasty results are possible for you to achieve prior to undergoing rhinoplasty surgery. Non-surgical rhinoplasty can help even out nasal bumps and irregularities and provide a nose that is more balanced with your facial features in just 15 minutes.

· Will Injecting Fillers Make My Nose Look Bigger?
When it comes to the use of nose fillers Miami Beach experts at Miami Wellness will explain to patients that it wont always make your nose look bigger, as far more people are looking to soften their nasal features. During a Non-surgical nose job, Dr. Hamadiya will add fillers into your nose, but this is to even out the overall shape and appearance of your nose. Using dermal fillers to fill in hollow spots or to even out a bump will provide a more even appearance overall. A 15-minute nose job will make any bumps or irregularities significantly smaller, which results in a more attractive, harmonious nose shape.

· How Long Does this Procedure Take?
The important thing to understand about this procedure, is that a Non-surgical nose job is significantly shorter than a traditional rhinoplasty. The average length of a Non-surgical rhinoplasty is 10-15 minutes. There’s a reason they call it the 15-minute nose job. The time of each Non-surgical nose job depends on what you want to accomplish. If you want to just fill in a small dip in your nasal bridge, the procedure will be shorter than if you wanted to treat multiple irregularities.

· Can I Have a Traditional Rhinoplasty in the Future?
The fact is that many patients will often use this Non-surgical rhinoplasty method to attempt to see if they can get the alteration they want without surgery. But if they feel as though they cannot, surgery is a perfectly fine option for them later on.

· Are the Results Reversible?
Sure, in some cases, certain fillers can be reversed. However, its also important to understand that the procedure isn’t permanent and results can last as little as 6 months. However, in many cases the procedure can be reversed as well. Simply as Dr. Hamadiya, during your consultation.

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