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3 Fillers You Must Try This Spring!

When it comes to aesthetic enhancement, and more specifically facial rejuvenation Biscayne experts like Dr. Shaker Hamadiya will often advise patients against opting for highly invasive, often costly, surgical procedures – especially if they are new to aesthetics. Its important to understand that surgery is permanent, and often irreversible so having a procedure like a facelift or buccal fat removal to enhance your facial appearance and overall contours can not only cost you money, but leave you very unhappy with the results. This is why for those new to the world of aesthetics, Dr. Hamadiya, the top fillers specialist Biscayne has in practice, will generally recommend patients start of using treatments like fillers or Botox. These non-invasive injectable methods are highly effective and can offer patients a wide range of benefits, without unwanted side effects or issues. And while many patients are familiar with popular filler options like Juvederm or Restylane, often times they will overlook other, highly effective filler options that can provide patients with the benefits they need. Dr. Hamadiya and his team offer a number of options that often go overlooked, and depending upon each patient’s specific needs, some options might fit them better than these popular methods. In this article, we will be going over three often overlooked filler options you should try this spring season.


While Radiesse is a popular name in the aesthetic world, not a lot of new patients are as familiar with it as they should be. A highly effective option, according to Dr. Hamadiya, the top Radiesse specialist Biscayne has to offer, Radiesse is a dermal filler that is designed, like others, to smooth out moderate to severe facial wrinkles, fine lines. Its proven particularly effective at treating areas like nasolabial folds. Nasolabial folds e the creases that can extend from he corner of the patient’s nose to the mouth area. As the top Radiesse specialist Biscayne has in practice, Dr. Hamadiya can help patients to correct a wide variety of facial issues and blemishes with Radiesse, but it also has the ability to correct issues, and is well known for, helping patients who suffer from volume issues along their hands as well. This is actually one of the most common signs of aging, particularly visible in female patients – as the hands will often lose collagen and vital fat tissue along their hands as they age. One thing, according to Dr. Hamadiya the top doctor for facial rejuvenation Biscayne has to offer, that sets Radiesse apart is the fact that it uses a specialized CaHA matrix that helps patients to provide immediate improvement and integrates into the skin and creates a specialized scaffold that stimulates the production of lost collagen and elastin.

Juvederm Ultra

Now this might be cheating, as this is still a member of the Juvederm family of fillers – however unlike the well known head of the family, Juvederm – the Ultra variation often goes overlooked. According to Dr. Hamadiya, the top doctor for Juvederm Ultra Biscayne has to offer, this Juvederm variation is one of the most effective options for patients in need of lip rejuvenation. When it comes to lip fillers Biscayne experts will often recommend Juvederm Ultra over other options as it not only uses the same hyaluronic acid base as normal Juvederm, but it also offers patients the opportunity to improve their lip line and the overall plumpness of the lips. In addition, because of the HA base, Juvederm Ultra is also well tolerated by patients. In addition to being used as a lip filler Juvederm Ultra is also often used in other specialized methods such as the non-surgical nose job procedure known as the liquid rhinoplasty. Making it one of the most versatile fillers around today. Another benefit of using Juvederm Ultra Biscayne patients will often get more immediate, long lasting results. Like other forms of Juvederm, using Juvederm ultra for lip fillers Biscayne patients can increase moisture and hydration to the lips and keep them looking and feeling their best longer.


As injectable dermal fillers go, Sculptra is one of the most effective, yet least known options available from Dr. Hamadiya. Like other fillers, Sculptra is used to help restore facial volume that is often lost due to aging or illness. According to Dr. Hamadiya, the top doctor for Sculptra Biscayne has in practice, unlike other fillers, Sculptra uses a poly-L-lactic acid (PLLA) base. PLLA is a biocompatible substance that is synthetic and can help to stimulate the production of fresh collagen for patients suffering from volume loss and collagen loss issues. This will help patients who are dealing with common age-related issues like wrinkles, fine lines, and creases. In addition, with Sculptra Biscayne patients who might be suffering from certain illnesses that might cause them to lose facial fat (often known as lipoatrophy), such as HIV and other viral conditions – whether they might be temporary or permanent.

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