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What is Radiesse®?

Like other dermal fillers like Bellafill, Radiesse® is made of tiny calcium-based microspheres suspended in a water-based gel. The calcium microspheres are similar to minerals found naturally in the body, so allergy testing is not required. Over time, the body absorbs the microspheres and gel, leaving behind only natural collagen.

How does Radiesse® work?

Radiesse® is especially productive in the rejuvenation of the skin around the hands. Despite being designed for the face, after some time patients began to see the amazing effects Radiesse® had on the thin skin along the hands. As the years go by, our hands tend to lose volume and restorative collagen at a rate even faster than that of the facial skin. As a result, Radiesse®’s specialized formulation has an extremely beneficial effect on the hand’s collagen stores. Helping to repleneish what is lost as well as creating more over time!

Once injected, Radiesse® plumps the skin to give the appearance of a smoother surface. Over time, Radiesse® works to stimulate the body to produce collagen naturally. After some time, the body absorbs the product and leaves behind the natural collagen for long-lasting results.

What makes Radiesse® different from other leading dermal fillers?

Radiesse® is the only dermal filler available composed of calcium-based microspheres and has been shown to stimulate the natural production of collagen, for results that may last up to a year or more in many patients. Additionally, in clinical studies with leading hyaluronic acid injectable dermal fillers, results showed that Radiesse® patients were more satisfied with their results than patients treated with other leading wrinkle fillers. In addition, 30% less Radiesse® may be needed for correction when compared to Perlane injectable gel.

How is treatment with Radiesse® performed? Is it painful?

Radiesse® is injected under the skin in a quick procedure that can be done over the lunch hour. Radiesse® is also FDA-approved to mix with lidocaine (an anesthetic), which means the procedure will be much more comfortable. In fact, in a clinical study, 90% of patients treated reported significant pain reduction when injected with Radiesse® mixed with lidocaine. 

One of the most common used of Radiesse® is for hand rejuvenation as its ability to stimulate the body’s natural ability to produce collagen makes the thin skin around your hands and fingers more supple and smooth. Making up for lost volume along the hands, one of the most heavily affected areas due to age! 

How soon will I see results with Radiesse®, and how long will they last?

Immediately upon injection, Radiesse® restores volume to smooth out the signs of aging. The natural-looking results may last up to a year or more in many patients. 

However, at this point, to keep such youthful results the treatment must be repeated (like most dermal fillers)

What are the side effects of treatment with Radiesse®?

The most common adverse events include bruising, redness, swelling, pain, tenderness and itching. These side effects generally last for a short time and are mild in nature. These are not all of the possible side effects with Radiesse®.

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