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4 Things to Know About Kybella

When discussing aesthetic enhancement treatments, and the cosmetic medicine industry as a whole, the most important thing to understand is that the vast majority of treatments are around to combat age-related issues and conditions. Its one of the simplest facts of life, that we must all come to terms with – father time is undefeated, and the clock will never stop ticking. And with each successive tick of that clock, we are getting older and older. And while age comes with wisdom and experience, it is not great for the health and wellness of our bodies. The older we get, the older our skin and bodily tissue gets – and over time, our body’s tissue is susceptible to breaking down, day by day. The breakdown of our tissue, leads to the loss of volume, connective tissue and vital compounds and proteins that are designed to not only combat the effects of aging, but also to provide our tissue with the protection it needs from outside, environmental factors such as the sun, pollution, weather aspects like wind or rain, the breakdown of aging, and issues that arise as a result of a poor skincare regimen in general. And when it comes to noninvasive treatments, they are almost all designed to combat these age-related effects, from Botox and injectables like dermal fillers, and other topical treatments, noninvasive methods have only improved over time. One of the worst conditions that occurs as a result of aging has got to be the loose, hanging skin, and the development of a double chin. While many areas of the face are susceptible to losing much-needed subdermal tissue and volume, the chin area can often gain unwanted fat, as our metabolism slows and we can no longer burn fat as we used to. A double chin and unwanted fat around the chin and jawline are one of the worst things aesthetically, and can truly dampen a person’s overall aesthetic – no matter if they are male or female. Like Botox and injectables can help alleviate other skin issues, an injectable treatment known as Kybella has been made popular for treating unwanted fatty tissue around the chin and jawline. Despite its effectiveness, many patients are uneducated on Kybella – therefore in this article, we will be exploring a few of the most important things to know about this amazing double chin treatment.

· The First and Only of Its Kind!

One of the best parts about Kybella is the fact that is the first, and only double chin treatment injectable around today! Over the past decade or so, it has been proven to be the foremost and most effective submental fat reduction treatment for patients no matter of their gender, or body size. It gained FDA-approval a few years ago, and while it works great for most patients, for some patients with extremely high body fat, and those who might suffer from morbid obesity, while it will help, it may require the use of other, far more invasive, surgical treatments.

· Destroys Fat Cells

Interestingly enough, Kybella isn’t just your average submental fat reduction treatment option in that it works similar to an individual just losing weight. The fact is that we are all born with fatty tissue and fat cells. These fat cells are all over the body, and as a result of genetics some people have more or less fat cells, this generally cannot be changed and is dependent on what you were born with. The more fat you burn, the smaller and less full these fat cells become, and obviously vice versa. The fact is that as a double chin treatment Kybella works by destroying the actual fat cells themselves, and once destroyed, these fat cells can no longer store or accumulate fat. As a result patients generally will not need further treatments as long as the initial treatment or treatments are able to remove enough fat cells.

· Fast and Easy

When it comes to noninvasive aesthetic enhancement treatments such as Botox and injectables like dermal fillers, one of the hallmarks that we are always looking for is for them to be as fast and as easy as possible. Kybella fits this mold perfectly, as treatments are generally only about 15 to 20 minutes long.

· Minimal Downtime, Risks & Side Effects

Again, like other noninvasive cosmetic treatments, while speed is certainly important, another thing to look for is minimal downtime and side effects. And again, Kybella fits right in! Kybella offers patients minimal side effects, downtime and risks. Patients are expected to have about 4-6 treatments depending upon their needs, spaced 2-3 months apart, and after each treatments patients can expect little to no side effects or downtime, just some light numbness and possible swelling. In order to alleviate ice is recommended following each session.

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